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    The Academy

    Find out how the Shape Academy career ladder works!


    The Academy

    You are motivated and have a high affinity for winter sports? You want to carry out a meaningful job in a team together with like-minded coworkers? You are interested to implement projects in an accurate manner and the highest attention to detail? Big machines are exactly your thing? Then you are certainly at the right place here at the Shape Academy!  

    There is work being done also in the most beautiful outdoor office – and thus every single employee is important for our achievments. With your own commitment, you decide how far your path in the Academy will take you. And if you are motivated, this could go even faster than you would imagine!

    With many years of expertise & know-how as leading provider for freestyle facilities in the Alps, we will be by your side and support you on your way. We don’t offer you one job, but rather five! And no, it does not matter if you are a complete beginner, a newcomer from a different background or a park member with experience. With the Shape Academy, we offer you the unique opportunity of a job and further training!  

    What Does It Take

    Physical endurance and burning motivation are already half the way to a good job. The love for snow is also very important, as for a few months, you will be spending the most of your day there.

    You need to be:


    • 18 or older
    • An enthusiastic skier or snowboarder
    • Reliable
    • A team player

    What You Get


    Among our park designers there are also some true veterans of freestyle, and some of them had already built perfect kickers while you were still busy playing with your building blocks. Together with the world’s best park architects, QParks has set standards that are worldwide unique. You will probably not get the same know-how presented and combined with its practical implementation anywhere else.  


    In summary, you'll get

    • You'll work in a young team of professional snowpark managers and actionsport freaks
    • Independent, creative and varied work environment
    • Performance-based salary
    • Long-term perspectives and opportunity to become park designer
    • Very appealing workplace in a ski area
    • Accomodation
    • A lot of fun on and off the mountain
    • Long-lasting friendships and experience


    As a member of the crew, you are fully insured and employed. Your salary depends on your position and responsibilities. 

    • Higher wage with more experience and working years
    • Exact accounting and remuneration of working times
    • Seasonal employment contract
    • Employment period: approx. 5 months

    What Does It Take

    What the shaper’s path demands from you and what you can expect in turn...
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    What You Get

    What you’ll get apart from fame and fortune...
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What's the Shape Academy exactly? Here we have the answers to the most frequent asked questions


1. Who is my employer?

  • QParks is the leading provider for snowpark concepts in Europe and has established itself as the major promoter of the European freestyle scene over the last ten years. -> More info
  • Funslopes are an innovative and important snow terrain concept for both mountain railways and tourism operators. Funslopes combine elements from snowparks and cross, and offer to young and older visitors their first fun, easy steps into the possibilities of the freestyle world. -> More info

2. Where do I work?

  • There are several QParks & Funslopes in Austria, Germany, Switzerland & Italy. You can find a list of our partner resorts on QParks.com and funslopes.com.

3. When will I be assigned to a project?

  • In autumn. We expect our employees to be flexible, as we cannot take into account personal preference regarding the destination resort. Please bear in mind that you may be relocated during the season.    

4. How old must I be?

  • You must be at least of age (eighteen years old).

5. Do I need previous job experience in shaping?

  • Absolutely not! Within the Shape Academy, the basic formation as well as further training is all up to us.  

6. Do you also accept women?

  • Of course!

7. What is the extent of work I am going to do?

  • Shapers are employed part-time and are required to work between 75 and 100 hours per month. The staff in a managerial position (head shapers, project leaders, park designers & snow groomer drivers) works between 100 and 180 hours per month.

8. Is accommodation included?

  • Accommodation for staff only within the resort will be provided.
  • NOTE: No pets or animals whatsoever are permitted!

9. How long will I be employed?

  • From the beginning of December till the mid/end of April, depending on needs and snow.